The "The Crow" images published recently are very early production sketches and are based in my own visual interpretation of the character and not necessarily in Apaches Entertainment and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo vision.

Diego Latorre

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Vision Thing

Diego Latorre (Zaragoza, 1974) has extensive experience as an illustrator and painter who has led him to work for companies such as MTV, DC Comics, Grupo Zeta, Perspective Studios, and various institutions, while he has played several solo exhibitions. 2009 is the year of consolidation as a comic book artist for Marvel and collaborations with Wildstorm, which will give life to characters like the Incredible Hulk.

His art, midway between the illustration, painting and comics, is close to other authors who have broken molds as Dave McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz, and can now be admired Vision Thing, his first compilation book published by Norma Editorial in Eclipse collection.

Diego Latorre illustrations have an enormous impact, explode in the retina of the viewer with its vivid colors and no unnecessary gadgets, because the human figure is the undisputed protagonist. His technique does not reply in any other contemporary illustrator, pencils and a merger between pixels is not indifferent to the viewer and has amazed his fellow profession.